Friday, August 29, 2014


I froze in my seat and assessed the situation before reacting. Ash was sitting across from me and to the right, her back facing where the waitress was currently sitting Steve. I glanced, panicked, to Dylan who was staring at me like I had two heads. 

"What?" he mouthed to me. My eyes darted to Ash, who was thankfully engaged in some sort of eye-sex situation with Ted. Knowing Dylan wouldn't even recognize Steve if I pointed him out, I slowly reached into my purse for my phone and sent him a text, gesturing for him to check his phone.

Steve just walked in, fiancée in tow. 

I hit send just in time to see our waitress stride over to the table. I kept my eyes fixed on her, not daring to see if Steve had spotted us. 

"Can I get you guys another round?" she asked cheerfully, and I was painfully jealous of her ignorance to the situation. 

"Yes, great!" I said a little too enthusiastically, desperate to send her away before Steve could notice us. I felt my phone vibrate in my lap and looked down.

Oh man, should we leave? 

I typed quickly back.

No, then he would definitely see us. I don't think he'll come over, but I just need to make sure Ashley doesn't see him. Or more importantly, the tiny model-looking human he has with him. 

I tucked my phone away as our second round of drinks materialized on the table. The key to any awkward situation = more vodka. 

Twenty minutes and about 76 awkward glances towards Steve's table later, I had deduced that Steve had not realized we were there. He appeared to be sickeningly in love with this girl, doing nothing but holding her hand and gazing into her eyes. It was like they were filming b-roll for a Nicholas Sparks movie. 

"Dani?" I heard Ash ask, interrupting my thoughts on how to get our group out of here before Steve could notice us. I was presently wondering if there was some sort of underground railroad system with an access point directly under our table. 


"I asked if you want to go to the bathroom," Ash repeated. I glanced around trying to determine if the route to the bathroom would involve passing Steve. 

"Um.. sure," I said, standing and looking at Dylan. He gave me a sympathetic look and shrugged his shoulders. 

Most useless boyfriend ever.

As Ash and I started to the bathroom, I positioned myself on her left side and started chatting away about work, hoping she'd turn to face me, looking away from Steve. We managed to get to the bathroom without incident. 

"So what do you think about Tim?" Ash asked, once we were safely inside.

Gee, Ash, I've been too concerned about your ex and his fiancée to even assess the guy you brought here.  

"He seems really great!" I answered instead. "Very talkative and definitely likes you."

Ash nodded in agreement as she touched up her lip stain in the mirror. "I really think I like him, but it sucks that he spends four days a week down in DC."

"Yeah but at least he's here every weekend," I replied, wordlessly accepting the lip stain from her. "Plus you just met like, 12 hours ago. Give it a chance to start before you point out the flaws."

We headed out of the bathroom and I resumed my 007 moves of keeping her head turned towards me. We were nearly at the table and I was giving myself a silent fist pump when I felt Ashley stop dead in her tracks. I turned back, knowing what she'd seen before I even had to follow her gaze.

"Ash..." I said, returning to her side and placing my hand on her forearm. 

I saw her eyes well up with tears and she quickly turned her head straight and strode back to the table. I followed, stealing one last glance at Steve. This time I was sure that he had seen us. 

"Hey gals," Elena greeted us as we sat down. She shot me a confused look after taking in Ashley's expression.

"Steve's here," Ashley blurted out, reaching for her drink and downing it in one gulp. She raised her hand for the waitress to order another. 

"Who is Steve?" Ted asked, looking between the four of us. 

"Just my engaged ex boyfriend," Ashley said as the waitress approached. "Can I have another? And, a round of tequila shots?" 

"Ash.." I started, but she gave me a look and I shut my mouth. 

An awkward silence fell over the table and I took out my phone in order to have something to do with my hands. I wasn't surprised to see a text from Steve waiting on my screen.

Well, this is weird. Should I come say hi? 

I bit my lip and casually handed the phone to Ashley, not wanting the whole table involved in the decision. 

She read the text quickly and shoved the phone back in my direction. "Fine." 

I guess. 

I tucked the phone away and watched as Steve read it from across the room. He glanced over at me and I gave him a small smile. 

If we just declare this the most awkward night ever, can we all go to sleep now? 

Our shots arrived at the same moment Steve showed up at the table, nameless fiancée folling behind him. 

"Hey guys," he said, greeting us with an awkward wave. 

"Hey Steve!" I said trying to overcompensate for Ashley's animosity. 

"Steve," Ashley said, raising a shot and downing it. 

I wanted to melt into the fucking floor. 

"Um, this is Adriana," he said, stepping aside and presenting the future Mrs. Steve to us. 

"It's great to meet you," I said giving her the warmest smile I could muster. I was officially the only one speaking at the table. 

"Well, I'll let you guys get back to your evening," Steve said, shoving his hands in his pockets. "Great seeing you, Ashley." 

She raised her eyebrows in response but didn't look up. 

After he left, Dylan tried to regain a normal atmosphere by telling a funny story about his 'little brother', but it was clear that the evening was unsalvageable. 

"I'm pretty beat," I said, faking a yawn once Dylan had finished. 

"Me too," Ash answered quickly. 

"I've got the bill," Ted said, standing up to find the waitress. 

"That was nice of him," I offered to Ash, as soon as Ted had disappeared. 

"I just want to go home," she answered, shredding her cocktail napkin into long pieces. 

Once Ted had paid the bill (maybe I should start referring to him as Tim since he's been so great all evening?), the five of us parted ways, Tim and Elena heading uptown and Dylan, Ash and I walking back to our place.

"You okay?" I asked Ashley, linking my arm with hers as we navigated the cobblestone in heels. 

She shook her head no, but didn't offer anything further. But it was clear that the meltdown I had been on edge for all week was about to begin.

**Enjoy your Labor Day weekend! Hope everyone has something fun planned... See you Wednesday!**

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Have You Met Ted?

On Saturday, Dylan and I walked around aimlessly shopping and eating. I introduced him to my favorite creation, Bantam Bagels which he was appropriately amazed by. The late summer weather was being generous to us lately, providing plenty of warm sun with low humidity. It was, all in all, the perfect day.

"Should we head back to shower?" Dylan asked, glancing at his watch. "It's almost six thirty." 

I nodded and snuggled in close to him, as he threw his arm around me and we headed back to my apartment. I was eager to get back to see Ashley, and also to get in his pants. The entire day had been like seven hours of foreplay and I was horny

As I turned the key in the lock to my apartment, I heard voices coming from inside. Assuming Ash just had a friend from work over, I pushed open the door and was shocked by what I saw. 

There, on our (brand new) couch was Ash, clothed but straddling a guy I had never seen before and clearly mid-makeout. 

"Dani!" Ash said, jumping up from her perch on the stranger's lap. 

"Heyy.." I said, dropping the shopping bags I had accumulated by the door. Ashley's face was beet red as she started to button her shirt back up. 

"Um, this is Ted," she started, gesturing to the man on the couch who had started to stand up. He crossed the room and extended his hand towards Dylan and me. 

"It's actually Tim," he said sheepishly and I saw a look of sheer embarrassment cross Ashley's face. I had no idea if I should be laughing or rolling my eyes at my roommate's antics, but I shook Ted's (er, Tim's) hand and gave him a warm smile.

"Danielle," I replied. "And this is my boyfriend, Dylan." I felt a happy rush every time I got to use the title in reference to Dylan.

"Great to meet you two," he said, clearing his throat. "But I,uh, should probably head out. Thanks for the, uh, water.. Ashley.. I'll call you," he mumbled as he bolted out the door.

As soon as I heard the door close behind him I broke out into a fit of laughter that I had been swallowing for the last minute. Ashley looked at me sternly. 

"Not funny, D," she said, crossing over to give Dylan a hug. 

"Come on, it's a little funny. You called him Ted." 

I saw a stubborn smile try to break through on Ashley's face, but she squashed it not wanting to give me the satisfaction. 

"Where did you and Ted meet?" I asked with a grin.

"On the train back from DC," she replied, crossing back over to the couch and straightening the cushions. "He was sitting next to me, then we split a cab afterwards and one thing lead to another.."

"Atta girl," I said, "Glad to see you're back to the Ash I know and love. Look we're going to go out tonight and meet Elena for drinks, want to come?" 

"Sure," she replied, plopping down on what was previously her and Ted's love nest to watch TV.

"Can I invite Tim?" she asked.

"Of course, the more the merrier. But you should know that I'm exclusively referring to him as Ted from here on out," I smiled.

She threw a pillow at me.

Walking back into my room, I deposited all of our bounty from the day on my bed. 

"So does she pick up random men a lot?" Dylan asked, closing my bedroom door behind us. 

I shrugged. "Well she was with Steve for so long, but she still was a huge flirt." 

He crossed over to me and intertwined his arms around my waist. "But you're not picking up random men, right?" he grinned down at me.

"Just on the weekends you're not around," I smiled, pushing myself up on my tiptoes to get closer. He moved his right hand up from my lower back and wrapped it around the back of my neck, pulling me into him. I moaned involuntarily when we finally kissed. It had been an entire day of painful torture wanting to do this. 

Without moving his mouth from mine, he walked me backwards until I was laying on the bed. He slowly unzipped my dress from the side and pulled apart just long enough to remove it off of me. 

"No underwear?" he said, realizing for the first time that day that the dress was the only item of clothing I had been wearing.

I grinned up as I reached to undo his belt, feeling how hard he already was. "I wanted to give you minimal obstacles." 

Flipping over so that he was laying on the bed, I crawled down to take him in my mouth. His eyes closed and his head rolled back. "Oh god, oh god Dani," he moaned, gripping the sheets with one hand and my hair with his other. I continued for a few more minutes until I felt his whole body tense before climbing on top of him. He grabbed my waist and flipped me so that I was on the bottom once more, tossing my legs over his shoulders. We both came within minutes.

"So about that shower?" he asked, as we laid in my bed on top of all the items we had just bought. 

"Separate," I said firmly. "I need to actually get things done in there, like cleaning myself and shaving my legs." 

He laughed and rolled on top of me, kissing my whole face. I laughed as I struggled to push him off. 

"You. Shower." I said, wiggling out from under him and tossing a towel in his direction. I threw on his discarded tshirt and started to put away the now crumpled bags. 

Giving me one last kiss, he wrapped the towel around his waist and headed into the bathroom.

A few hours later Elena, Dylan, Ashley, Ted and I were sitting around an outdoor table at a small bar near our house. It turned out that Ted was down in DC during the week for work, and only up in NYC on weekends. He worked for PWC as a consultant, and every few months was assigned new jobs in different cities, keeping NYC as his home base.

"Doesn't that get exhausting?" I asked, taking a long sip of my dirty martini. Dylan had raised his eyebrows at me when I ordered it, knowing that after one more of these bad boys I'd probably be groping at him and trying to take him home. 

Ted shrugged in response. "Not really, I mean I'm only 26, I don't have a family or relationship that I need to be focusing on, and I get to meet a whole slew of new people every month. To be honest, I kind of enjoy it. Aside from the whole constantly living out of a hotel room."

"Yes, but hotel sex is the best sex," Ash said, wiggling her eyebrows at Ted. 

Good lord. 

"So Elena," I said quickly, trying to change the subject. "How was that date you went on last week?" Elena had been casually talking to a guy she met at yoga class and they had their first date a few days ago.

"Ugh, awful. He took me to a raw vegan bar, and then forgot his wallet so I picked up the tab. Which, is fine, but kind of awkward for a first date," she said, slumping in her chair.

"Ugh," I replied. "Did he make you do like.. shots of wheatgrass?"

"Yes!" she exclaimed, laughing. "It tasted worse than gin. Seriously I don't understand where all the men are hiding. I mean, hot guys I see once on the street - where do they go?" 

"They're gay," Ash and I said in unison, causing us to explode into a fit of giggles. Yep, definitely feeling this martini. 

Noticing my drink was empty, I scanned the room for our waitress to order another and perhaps some appetizers to soak up all of the vodka. I finally spotted her by the hostess stand and as I attempted to make eye contact, my stomach dropped to my feet. 

Because she was picking up two menus and gesturing for a twosome to follow her, and I knew one half of the twosome. It was Steve. My eyes traced his arm which was extending back into the crowd and as it emerged, a tiny, dark skinned, gorgeous human was following right behind him. The fiancé

**It's pretty lame that I even feel like I need to provide excuses and explain myself, but I had food poisoning yesterday that is why you didn't hear from me. Thank you to everyone who commented sweet things though! You're super understanding and really the best. I'm going out of town on Friday for Labor Day Weekend, but I'll schedule a post to go up Friday morning.**

Sunday, August 24, 2014


** First off, thank you for being so nice about the late post. Secondly, it's kind of short and I'm sorry! But I promise to post on Tuesday (and Wednesday like usual). Just was a crazy week and weekend. Hope you're all watching the VMAs tonight too! #TayTayforPresident**

I tiptoed around Ash the next two days, never knowing when or if she was going to finally lose it about Steve. But alas, she acted completely and utterly normal. I thought that I was going to end up being the one to explode, being on edge for two full days was really taking a toll on my sanity.

Needless to say, I was definitely ready for Dylan to visit by Friday. I hustled out of work early, finishing up a few emails and tweets while I walked to the subway. I wanted to get home in time to shower and spruce up the house before his train got in.

At home, I breezed through the rooms throwing out stray trash and piling up our massive accumulation of girly-ass magazines on the coffee table, throwing TIME on top in an effort to make me look a little bit well read. I placed the sunflowers I had grabbed on the way home in a vase on the counter before hopping in the shower to shave myself from head to toe. When I stepped out of the shower, I lathered my whole body in coconut-scented lotion. Even though long distance felt unbearable at times, there was definitely something to be said for the excitement I felt before every visit. It was like having Christmas come twice a month. 

I was midway through blow drying my hair when I heard the buzzer sound. Confused, I checked my phone which had been sitting quietly on the dresser. His train wasn't due in for another five minutes, plus he would have had to come all the way down to the West Village, adding at least another 15. I wrapped my massive blue towel around my still naked body and tip toed out into the living room. 

"Hello?" I asked tentatively, holding down the buzzer.

"Hey babe," I heard his rough voice on the other end, and it gave flight to the butterflies in my stomach knowing he was just feet away.

"Dylan? You're early.."

He laughed before answering, "I caught an earlier train. Want to let me in?"

I immediately held down the door open button and unlocked the front door. He turned the corner and a huge grin broke across his face. He wrapped his arms around me and buried his face in my hair. 

"You didn't have to get so dressed up for me," he said, taking in my towel and nothing else.

"I just couldn't find shoes to match," I said, pulling apart to kiss him. I felt his hand reach up under the towel and I intertwined my fingers in his hair.

"Is Ash home?" he asked breathlessly, his hand inching up higher on my leg.

"No, she won't be home until tomorrow," I replied, pressing myself into him. Ash had left for DC that morning for a conference and wasn't coming back until Saturday morning.

He shrugged, dropping his weekend bag on the floor. "I have a present for you," he said, pulling away.

"Is it your penis?" I smiled. 

He threw his head back in laughter. "No! God." 

Bending down, he dug around in his bag before pulling out a tiny box. 

I took it from him and looked between him and the gift. "What is this for?" 

"Well the other day I kept thinking about how badly I missed you. So I wanted to get you something so that you think of me, even if it's only half as much as I think about you." 

You know how sometimes girls just "can't even"? I couldn't. even. WHO is this man and where did he come from? I gingerly opened the box to find the most perfect bracelet I had ever laid eyes on. Laying in the blue velvet box was a delicate braided gold chain, a single gold feather dangling from the middle. 

"I love it," I said, reaching in to grab the bracelet and draping it across my wrist. He reached over and wordlessly clasped it for me. "Thank you." I reached up, wrapping my arms around his neck. "It's perfect."

He took his face in my hands and pushed me up against the living room wall. Reaching up, he undid the knot I had twisted to keep my towel up in one swift motion. It dropped to the floor and his hand was between my legs in an instant while his mouth traced the line from my collar bone up to my neck. I leaned into the wall, overcome with feelings for him. He was easy to talk to, gorgeous, bought me presents out of no where, smart, witty and on top of all that, gave me unbelievable orgasms. Seriously.. was this a prank? I tried to squash the overwhelming feeling I had that sooner or later, he was going to disappear from my life just as quickly as he had come into it.  

Friday, August 22, 2014

Don't kill me!

No post today, got way too swamped with work and looks like I will be here late. However I promise one will be up at some point this weekend and I'll throw a bonus your way next week as an apology! 


Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Ticking Time Bomb

I left work early on Wednesday so that I could be home when Ashley returned from hearing the news. Steve had called her after I saw him on Monday and proposed the idea of meeting up for drinks, which Ashley obviously then spiraled into thinking he wanted her back.

I couldn't blame her, I had thought the same thing. 

When I got home around 7:00, Ash was no where to be found. Frowning, I checked my phone to see if she had called. I knew they were meeting at 5:30, so I assumed it'd be a quick conversation that would inevitably end abruptly with Ashley causing a scene and storming out. 

I went into my room to change out of my work clothes when my phone rang. I jumped for it, assuming it was Ashley having a panic attack on her way home. Instead I was greeted by Dylan's name.

"Hey!" I said enthusiastically.

"Well hey yourself," he said, and I could feel his grin through the phone.

"Guess what?" I asked.

"What's that?"

"I see you in two days," I said, flopping onto my unmade bed.

"Is that so?" 


"What are you up to tonight?" he asked, and I could hear the sounds of Philly behind him. I tried to imagine him in my mind, bag slung over shoulder with his laptop walking home from work. I knew the route from his office to his house was only about a ten minute walk, crossing down the best shopping street in the city and ending with a shortcut through Rittenhouse Square. Picturing it made me crave the openness of the Philly streets, lined with trees, so much less suffocating than NYC. 

"Just got home, waiting for Ashley to get back," I said. I had filled him in on the Ash/Steve situation after coffee on Monday. "Presently laying on my bed, I was mid-changing when you called."

"So let me get this straight," Dylan said, lowering his voice from the pedestrians nearby him. "You're presently in bed, half naked?" 

I grinned even though he couldn't see me. "Excellent deductive skills Mr. Harper." 

"God what I wouldn't give to be in that bed with you right now," he said, a desperation in his voice that wasn't there before.

"What would you do?" I asked slowly.

"I wish I could tell you, but I'm presently in the middle of Walnut Street and I don't think that the passerbys would enjoy hearing my rendition of 50 shades."

I laughed out loud and the ache of missing him grew stronger. "God I can't wait for Friday," I said.

"Me neither. I made reservations Friday by the way," he said. "I remember you saying you wanted to try that brazilian steak house."

"Perfect," I replied.

"Okay, I'm about to head into Happy Hour, just wanted to call and say hi," he said.

"Happy Hour?"

"Yeah, it's Wednesday, one of the last SIPs," he replied. 

"Oh, right," I answered, remembering the city-wide Philly drink specials every Wednesday. I tried to stop my mind from picturing the time he went to SIPs and ended up sleeping at Kara's, but my subconscious threw it right in my face. 

"I'll call you later, okay?" he said, and just then I heard the front door open to my apartment. 

"Okay, sounds good," I said distractedly, hauling myself out of bed and grabbing for a tshirt to throw over my bra and underwear. 

"I miss you Dani," he said.

"Me too," I replied quickly before dropping the phone on my bed. I headed out into the hallway cautiously, unsure of what type of Ashley I was going to stumble upon.

"Ash?" I asked tentatively.

"Living room," she replied casually. I strolled out and found her flipping through US Weekly on the couch. 

"How was Steve?" I asked, taken aback by her unexpected demeanor. Maybe Steve hadn't even told her?

"Engaged," she said shortly, casually. She didn't know that I knew, so I tried to react as if this was brand new information.

"What?!" I yelled, and she looked up at me with a bemused expression.

"Oh knock it off, he told me that he told you," she said, rolling her eyes.

I walked over and perched next to her on the sofa. "You're not mad?" 

"At you or at him? Because no, neither. It doesn't surprise me that he told you first, since he probably assumed I would freak out. And I know you would want me to hear it from him, so I get why you didn't say anything. Although I do feel like an idiot for prancing around the past two days saying he probably wanted me back," she said, rocking her second eye roll in two minutes.

"Oh, well, good," I said, folding my hands in my lap. This had to be, hands down, the most awkward conversation I had ever had with Ash. Here was my best friend, the person who dramatized everything in life as if she was on a stage, shrugging off her ex-boyfriend's engagement as if he told her he had decided to buy a hamster.

"So don't take this the wrong way but, aren't you upset? Angry? Anything?" I asked.

Ashley shrugged and turned the page of the magazine, studying the "Stars, they're just like us!" spread with intensity.

Taking the hint, I slinked back into my room wordlessly and grabbed my phone, opening up a text to Steve.

Either you crushed up tranquilizers in her drink before telling her, or she was intercepted on the walk home and aliens took over her body. 

I paced my room, waiting for his response. I heard the bleep of my phone within a minute.

She barely blinked when I told her. I think she thinks that I won't go through with it.. either that or she's going to explode in about a week. Ticking time bomb. This is the same way she reacted when her parent's divorced.

I tried to think back to the divorce a few years ago, and he was right. When she had told me about it over the phone back in college she had said it almost on autopilot - as if she was reciting a headline she had read that day. 

You're right. It's just like that.

Ashley had ended up having a complete meltdown a few weeks later, when we went home for Christmas break. I took a deep breath, it was going to be a long few weeks of waiting. 

Monday, August 18, 2014

Q & A!

Over the past two weeks, a bunch of you commented, tweeted and emailed me questions! I'm actually shocked at how many I got :). I received this idea from another blogger - Hot Mess in High Heels. Go check out her blog if you haven't yet, shes effing hilarious.

Alright, let the TMI-ing begin...

Is this blog based on your real life? 
That's tough to answer. As I've said before, this is a fictional blog so I am not Dani Fitzgerald. However, our jobs, friends, and the things that happen to her are largely based on me, my friends and my own experiences. 

What is your real name, age, and your real job?
Sorry, I'd love to give you my real name but I feel like it takes away from the voice of Dani! I just turned 25 (which seems SO FREAKING OLD). As for my job, I am also in a PR and social media role, just like Dani. 

What is your dream job?
Well, right now I'm just working on how to decrease the degrees of separation between Adam Levine and I (full time job). Once that is over, I'd love to be a published author. But that will take a lot of hard work, and some genius-ass manuscript. 

Where did you go to school? 
WE ARE! I went to PSU, and I totally drank the kool aid. I'm one of the obnoxious types that walks around thinking that Penn State is superior to all other schools (sorry I'm not sorry). While there, I studied Journalism and Business. 

How similar are you to Dani?
Very. I went into this wanting her to be different from me, but as I grew closer to the character (I know, I sound like a douche, but it totally happens) I realized we have the same habits, sense of humor and life goals. Also, the way I describe her physically is very similar to what I look like. Basically, I cloned myself but with a better sex life..

Are you single?
I am not single, but that is a recent development. 

But Adam Levine, if you're reading this.. I'm single baby.

Have you ever been in a long distance relationship or moved for a relationship?  
I have never moved for someone..yet. I would only do it if there was a 2 carat ring or an incredible job offer in his city involved. But I'm currently in a long distance relationship, and similar to the blog once more it's between Philly and NYC. (PSA: long distance blows) 

When do you write? Do you do weeks at a time?
Nope, I never do more than 2 posts at a time, but I almost always write them the day before (or even that morning if I was busy). I like to come into work early and write, mainly because Starbucks gives me wings and no one comes into my office before 9 a.m. 

Do you know how you want Dani's story to end yet, or does the story evolve as you write? 
Love this question! I have a vague idea of how I want it to end - but currently I want to keep it going for at least another year. I typically daydream about how the posts will go, with a rough outline in my head about each week's posts. If I'm stumped, I will just sit down and start writing. I find that if I set a scene and go into it blindly, the post starts to write itself. Those usually turn out to be the best ones. 

So where did you get the inspiration for your story? 
Love, Sex, Pizza (or LSP for us groupies). I read it while it was hosted on Cosmo, then stuck with her when she moved to the self-hosted site. It was during her hiatus in March that I decided to start my own. The first post of my blog I had actually written months prior just because I had the vision of being on the street and running into an ex. I stumbled across it in my files, and decided to tweak it a bit to use as the kick-off for this blog. 

Thanks for your questions guys! You can always ask me anything in the comments. Also, i'd love to hear any feedback (positive or negative) on the blog. Whether it's just the days/times I post, the writing style, too slow or too fast of a pace, anything. Feedback is so welcome.

Just FYI, if a post is ever running late, you can find me announcing that type of stuff on twitter (@Trag20Something). 

Annnd as a side note, I love when you guys post your theories in the comments. Often they're even better than what I actually have planned! Keep it up, you savvy readers you. <3

p.s. I'm always looking for blogs to read, so keep sending me yours! 

Friday, August 15, 2014

An Engaging Surprise

At 7:30 Monday evening, I shut off my Mac and headed out of work to get my butt downtown to meet Steve. Descending into the subway, I blissfully found an open seat and sat down. 

I pulled out my phone to see three texts from Dylan.

4:55 pm: How is your afternoon going? 

6:18 pm: Just grabbed stuff to whip up lasagna for dinner, wish you were coming over to share. 

7:25 pm: Look, I know you said you're not mad but that's not the vibe i'm getting. 

My fingers hovered over the keypad, unsure of a response. Dylan hadn't bothered to contact me until almost 5 o'clock on Sunday night, which was nearly 24 hours of not talking. I don't know what his past relationships were like, but in my book that is not okay. When he finally did call, he said that he had left his phone at the hotel bar, and didn't have time to get it until after their seminar on Sunday. As much as he berated me for not trusting him, he was doing a pretty shitty job of trying to gain my trust. I really liked him but the more things went on, the more terrified I was that he was just going to hurt me. 

Hey, sorry didn't have my phone. Lasagna sounds delicious, I wasn't aware your cooking skills went that far :) 

His response came quickly.

Oh I have many skills you don't know about. Can I come up this weekend and show you? I miss you. 

I thought ahead to my weekend, which was currently wide open. I debated punishing him and saying no, but realized that would just be a punishment for myself as well. Homegirl needed to get laid. 

That would be great.

I realized we were at my stop so I dropped my phone back into my bag and hustled out of the subway. I hated being underground. 

It was a short walk to the Starbucks where Steve and I were planning to meet. I scanned the mostly-empty room but saw no sign of him. Settling on an iced green tea, I sat down by the window to wait. I pulled out my phone again and saw that Dylan had sent me a screenshot of the Amtrak ticket he had just bought, which would get in Friday at 7:00. Cutting it a little close to my work schedule but I grinned involuntarily anyway, the butterflies in my stomach going crazy just at the thought of finally seeing him again. 

Scrolling through my texts I clicked on my conversation with Nick from that morning. When I found him asleep Sunday morning on the couch, my mind went into overdrive trying to assemble the blurry details. I had a vague recollection of running into him at the bar (courtesy of Haley, who dumbly invited him). That was all I could remember. 

Ashley had gone home with her Spanish prince (and not returned until 4 o'clock the next day). So waking up Nick was my only option for answers. I knew nothing had happened, even drunk Dani wouldn't do that to Dylan, but I was endlessly curious about why he was on my couch. 

"What the hell are you doing here?" I had asked, standing over his shirtless body. 

"Morning sunshine," he had grumbled, rubbing his eyes and stretching. 

"Nick, why are you here?"

"You really were toasted weren't you?" he had said with a smug grin. I ignored the fact that my instinct wanted to curl up next to him on the couch.

"Are you going to make me ask a third time?" I had gotten frustrated with his charming charade. 

"Fine, fine, and here I thought you used to be a morning person," he had laughed, sitting up on the couch and patting the space next to him. I knew I shouldn't have sat down, but my hangover had turned the simple act of standing into an arduous task. I curled up in the corner of the couch and gulped down my water. 

"I just came back to see your place, and by then it was like 3 a.m. so I didn't want to go all the way home," he shrugged. 

I had narrowed my eyes at him, "You didn't try anything?" 

"No, you made it very clear you have a boyfriend. In fact, you mentioned him to me about 83 times, even though he clearly ignores your calls," he had said flatly. It was about that time that I kicked him out. 

"Hey," I heard Steve's voice and looked up. I was so busy reliving Sunday morning that I hadn't seen him arrive.

"Hey!" I replied, standing and tossing my arms around him. I hadn't realized it until just then, but I missed having him around. He returned the embrace and then took a seat across from me, looking nervous. 

"Do you want to get anything?" I asked, gesturing to the counter. 

"I'm good," he said, absentmindedly playing with a stray sugar packet on the table. 

"So how have you been?" I asked, trying to diffuse the palpable tension. Whatever he was about to say had to be big, or else he wouldn't be fidgeting so much.  

"Good... great, actually," he replied, not meeting my gaze. 

"That's great, I'm glad to hear it. We miss having you around though! Not sure if you heard, but Ash and I just moved down this way," I rambled. 

Steve nodded, "Yeah I heard through friends. That's great."

"Are you still in the old place?" I asked. Ashley hadn't mentioned Steve in weeks. Even though they had shared a dog, their weird custody agreement had gotten too stressful, and Steve took full ownership. His parent's lived a short drive away in Rumson so he left Murphy there a lot for weeks at a time. I personally didn't see how Ashley could be so okay with losing a dog and a boyfriend, but I never wanted to bring it up. 

"Right now, yeah, but I'm actually moving soon," he said tensely. 

"Okay Steve what is up? You're acting so nervous and it's making me nervous," I blurted out. 

"Ugh," he dropped his face into his hands, and I immediately realized he wasn't here to ask my opinion on how to win Ashley back. The longer he took to respond, the further my imagination went. Cancer? He's moving to Guatemala? He gave Ashley some chronic disease? 

"I'm engaged," he said, face still in hands. I froze. 

"You're WHAT?!" I didn't even bother trying to hide my unabashed shock. 

He moved his hands and looked me in the eye, his face a combination of relief and empathy. 

"I know that it's fast.." he started.

"FAST? Steve, you and Ashley broke up TWO MONTHS AGO." I was yelling now, mad at him for doing this to Ashley, mad at him for making such a rash decision. He grabbed my arm and lead me out of the Starbucks since the few patrons were beginning to stare. I could care less if we were making a scene, but clearly he was uncomfortable.

Once out on the busy street he pulled me aside in front of an empty shop with "LEASE" in the window. Stepping up into the door frame, he leaned back. 

"Who is she?" I asked, desperate for answers.

"Just a girl I met, you don't know her," he said. 

"Did you know her when you and Ash were together?" 

"I knew her, but nothing happened until after Ashley and I broke up. And believe me, I wanted things to work with Ash, but I realized I deserved more." 

I agreed with him on that, seeing as Ash had a horrible habit of cheating. But still. 

"Why so fast though?" I asked, trying to sound more gentle. 

"We're in love, it's never felt like this. But she lives in Bogota, and she was going to go back. I needed to give her a reason to stay," he said. 

"Wait... you're not marrying her to like, give her citizenship are you?" I asked, my mind suddenly turning his whole relationship into a scandal. 

"No! Jesus Dani I'm not an idiot. She's American, but she's lived there for ten years," he said. "But she was only up here for a summer internship. And I couldn't stand the thought of her leaving." 

"So you proposed marriage." I deadpanned.

"I proposed marriage."

"And she said yes," I said. 

"Well if she hadn't we wouldn't be having this conversation," he gave me a small smile.

"I hope it's a long engagement," I said, softening a little now that the idea had time to sink in. I wanted the best for Steve, even if this was going to kill Ashley.

"We're thinking next Spring, so not too long. But long enough." 

I took a deep breath. "So, how are you going to tell her?" 

"Well, I was thinking, maybe you could help me?" he asked hopefully. 

"Oh hell no," I replied, waving my hands back and forth. "I want no part of that. As roommate and best friend, I'll get the weeks-long aftermath. Telling her is on you."

"Fine, true, you have to get the weeks of her anger," he said with a small smile. We both knew about Ashley's temper. 

"Just do it soon, okay?" I asked. "I don't want to have to keep this secret, and I don't want her to find out through someone else."

"I'll ask her to drinks Wednesday," he said. 

"Just make sure it's somewhere with plastic ware," I grinned. 

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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Four Girls & An Ex

"Is that a new dress?" I asked Ashley on Saturday night as she sauntered out into our living room wearing a very small, very backless gray dress.

"It's actually from college, and since I no longer live with Steve who fed me a four course meal every night, I finally fit into it again!" she said, tossing her arms in the air and popping her hip for dramatic effect. 

"Most people would complain about the lack of home cooked meals every night, but you manage to find the silver lining," I replied sarcastically. 

Her mention of Steve made my mind wander to my conversation with him the day before. I was curious what he wanted to say to me, but I had a strong feeling it was going to be that he wanted Ash back. I had no idea what I would tell him. She really seemed to be doing okay on her own. There were limited mentions of his name, and I had only ever caught her crying once (over a sock she found of his.. yes, a sock).  

The buzzer sounded announcing the arrival of either Elena or Haley. I skipped over to the ancient intercom to let them in. "Hello?" 

"Hey lady!" I heard Haley's unmistakable voice on the other end. I held down the button for a few seconds before walking over to unlock the apartment door. 

"Wine?" Ash asked, studying the Ikea rack that had been freshly stocked thanks to a trip to Trader Joes. 

"Yes please," I answered, reaching in the cabinet to extract three wine glasses. I heard heels on hardwood and peered over the cabinet door to see Haley.

"Your place is amazing!" Haley squealed, immediately giving herself a tour of the space. 

"Thanks!" Ash and I said in unison. 

"It's still not done, and excuse the rove boxes everywhere," I said, accepting a full glass of red wine from Ashley. 

"It's a great space though," Haley grinned, finally walking over to properly greet Ashley and me. 

"Yeah it was a steal for the location, which is my favorite thing about it. Minus having to take the subway to work now," I said, scrunching up my nose. No matter how long I lived in New York, I would never get used to the hot, dirty subways. 

Before Haley could respond, the buzzer sounded again. 

"Must be Elena," I said, leaning over to press down the button for the second time that night.

"So where are we going tonight?" Haley asked, taking a sip of the glass Ashley offered to her. 

"There's a place up in Chelsea I've been wanting to check out, The Park?" I asked, referring to a bar I had been told about from some coworkers. I still wasn't totally familiar with this part of the city but a simple google search told me it was only a few blocks away.

"Oh I've been there! Really cool vibe," Haley said. "Great choice."

Elena walked in then, looking effortless in a tight sleeveless crop top and maxi skirt. 

"Hi girls!" she said, taking turns giving each of us a hug. "I brought wine."

I lifted my glass to her, "Already one step ahead of ya." 

An hour later, the four of us were settled into a table at The Park. The space was huge but two rooms were blocked off for events. So we settled in the garden area, which had a very greenhouse-y feel. 

"Shots?" Haley asked, as a waitress came over to take our drink order.

"Oh god, it's going to be one of those nights isn't it?" Ashley asked.

"You dressed to get laid, you're getting laid," Haley said pointedly at Ashley, causing the four of us to break out in fits of giggles. I was definitely already feeling the wine, and the wine was itching to text Dylan. I pictured him down in Dallas, probably drunk at a hotel bar with his coworkers. Then, my mind wandered to faceless girls who were also probably drunk at the hotel bar, and that was when I decided to let the wine text Dylan.

Hey babe, just wanted to say I miss you. Feels like a shame that I'm wasting such a revealing dress on a night when you're not around to appreciate it ;) 

I tucked my phone back into my bag and returned my attention to the table, where four tequila shots had materialized. Downing them, Haley quickly ordered another and I had passed the point of stopping myself, nodding enthusiastically when she asked if I'd like one.

"So how's Joshua?" I asked her, while simultaneously checking my phone for any signs of life from Dylan. Nada. 

"He's great," she practically swooned. "We're so in love." 

I smiled, "That's great Hal."

"Well you know the feeling, you and Dylan are completely obsessed with each other according to this one," Haley replied, pointing at Ashley.

"Hey! What are you saying about me?" I asked Ash, playfully hitting her shoulder. 

"Nothing, just that you and Dylan are nauseatingly obsessed with each other," Ash said, rolling her eyes. 

"It's hard not to be nauseatingly obsessed with him," I grinned back. 

"Spare me," Ashley replied sarcastically. 

"Well tonight, we're on a mission for you two," I said, looking at Elena and Ashley. 

"Hear hear!" Elena said, holding up the second round of shots. 


My. Head. Was the first thing I thought when I peeled open one eye on Sunday morning, the pounding behind my eyes demanding my attention. I sat up in bed to take inventory, blissfully spying my purse at the foot of the bed. Reaching for it, I realized I hadn't even bothered to change out of my dress from the night before. Classy.

Grabbing my phone I immediately opened my messages. The last thing I clearly remembered was dancing with the girls about an hour after we had done another round of shots. Then, darkness. I really was getting too old to be drinking this way.

My heart sank when I realized that my last text to Dylan was the one I remembered sending at the beginning of the night. He had really never texted me back? Clicking on my outgoing phone log, I saw I had drunk dialed him around 1 a.m. The record indicated that the call had barely lasted 30 seconds, so hopefully it had just gone to voicemail and I hadn't left him any horribly embarrassing messages. 

Crawling out of bed, I found a tshirt and slipped it on in favor of my dress. I padded out into the living room to find Ashley and try to get more answers on the evening. I vaguely recalled her dancing with a gorgeous Spanish guy and I prayed she had returned to her promiscuous ways and taken him home. 

As I walked into the living room, dreaming of the massive glass of water I was going to fetch before checking Ashley's room, I stopped in my tracks at the sight of a shirtless guy on the couch. 

But it was not the guy from the bar. I recognized the arm that was lazily slung over his head, the tell tale blonde hair flopping in the way it only did in the mornings. It was Nick. 

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Saturday, August 9, 2014

Ms. Community Manager

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When I got to work on Friday morning, there was a file I didn't recognize smack in the middle of my desk. I peered at it suspiciously before gingerly opening it up. I saw a whole lot of official-looking documents before realizing it was my new offer from HR. With all of the Dylan drama on Tuesday, I had almost forgotten about my promotion. Almost.

I sat down to review the documents, which seemed pretty in line with what Colleen and I had discussed on Tuesday. My title was changing to Community Manager and my job description now included full management of the blog and a heavier hand in social media management. A few of my old more mundane responsibilities had been removed, which would be a huge help for me. I just hoped too much of it hadn't been dumped on Elena. Finally I noticed the salary - about $10,000 more than I had been making before. YAHOO! I could already taste the SoHo shopping spree in my future.

I read through all of the papers carefully once more before signing in all of the places that HR had marked. I was officially a Community Manager! I wanted to do a happy dance around the office, but people were starting to arrive and I didn't want them to think that their new Community Manager was a nut case. Instead, I typed a quick gchat to Elena to let her know it was official. Technically, we weren't in competition since I was always more focused on Platform's digital presence than she was, but I wanted to be careful not to rub the promotion in her face.

Me: Just signed my papers from HR! I'm officially a Community Manager :) 
Elena: OMG CONGRATS!! Lunch to celebrate? My treat!
Me: Absolutely. Mexican?
Elena: Sold. I'll swing by your desk after the content meeting.

With my increased workload the past few weeks, Elena and I hadn't had lunch together in forever. That combined with all the time I had been spending with Dylan meant I had really been neglecting our friendship. It would be nice to catch up and hear what was going on in her life.

The morning was filled with a lot of congratulations from coworkers, thanks to a department-wide email that Colleen had sent out announcing the "staffing change". I smugly forwarded the email to my parents, basking in the fact that for once I had accomplished something professionally. In the Fitzgerald family, my brother was always the one collecting promotion after promotion. It was nice to have some news of my own for once.

Around 1:30, Elena swung by my desk for lunch. "Ready?" she asked, as I finished typing the tweet I was working on.

"Yep!" I replied, hitting schedule on the tweet set to go out that afternoon. It was exhausting sometimes having to schedule dozens of tweets an hour, but important to make sure our feed was in real time, constantly present.

We headed out of the building and into the blinding sun of the early afternoon. I found it hard to believe that it was already August, meaning that the summer was more than half way behind us. I was already dreading the impending, unbearable cold of Manhattan's winters. 

We headed wordlessly to our favorite Mexican place and I ordered three chicken tacos, extra guac. Once we had settled into a booth along the windows, I told Elena all about my new responsibilities. She nodded along excitedly, genuinely happy for me.

"That's so great D," she said in between bites of her burrito. "It's good to know that Platform does recognize when their employees are doing well and reward it. I just hope I can get the attention of the editorial team one of these days."

"Do you want to go more into staff writing?" I asked. We had both been hired at the coordinator/assistant level, which required helping out in a lot of different departments. I had found my niche in digital, but Elena still seemed to be all over the place. 

"I think so," she said nodding. "It's a slower pace, which I like." 

"Well you should talk to Tom about it," I suggested. "If he knows the path you want to take, he might start giving you more assignments related to that." 

"Yeah, but he's just so intimidating," she replied with a smile. She had a point.

"Well the unsaid will go unsolved," I answered with a cheesy grin. 

"Geez when did you get so philosophical?" Elena asked, tossing a chip at me. 

"Since I fell in love," I answered in a sing-song voice. Elena made a gagging motion with her mouth causing me to laugh out loud and almost spit out some of my taco.

"What about you?" I asked, hesitantly. We hadn't discussed her love life since the great Jeff Debacle of 2014. 

Elena shrugged as she finished chewing. "Nothing really, not since Jeff."

"Do you still talk to him?" I asked. I had been blatantly avoiding him for weeks, and I hadn't seen the two of them interact outside of unavoidable work-related conversations.

"No way," she answered. "He drunk dialed me once or twice, but I didn't pick up."

"Well you know, Dylan has lots of cute friends," I wiggled my eyebrows suggestively. 

"No offense to you Dani, but I'm not really up for a boyfriend who lives in another state," she said.

"It's not so bad," I replied. "Two hours is nothing when you think about it." 

"I guess it could be worse. But when I have all of Manhattan to choose from, I think I'll start here," she smiled at me. "But thanks."

"Well in that case, we should go out tomorrow night," I said. Dylan was on a business trip that weekend to Dallas, so I was free as a bird all weekend. And yes, I realize I've become one of those girls who plans their weekends around their man. But I can't help it, the sex is that good.

"That would be fun," she said, sounding upbeat for once. 

"There's this great bar down in Chelsea I've been dying to check out, we should grab dinner then go there!" I was starting to get excited at the prospect of a night out. "We'll invite Ash and Haley, it'll be great." 

"Deal," Elena said with a grin. 

We finished up our lunch and headed back to the office, my mood higher than it had been in weeks. I had a new boyfriend, a new promotion and a new apartment. Life was pretty freakin' great. 

When I got back to my desk, I was greeted by 30 new emails in the mere hour I was gone. Groaning, I reached for my cell phone first. I was surprised to see I had a text from Steve, Ashley's ex. 

Hey Dani, hope everything is going well with you. I was just wondering if you'd be free to grab coffee next week? 

My fingers hovered over the keyboard, confused. Maybe he just wanted to catch up and see how Ashley was doing. Or, he wanted her back and needed to test the waters with me first. Either way I decided not to tell Ash first, knowing that it would freak her out and spin her into an anxiety attack until I found out what was going on. Deciding not to run it by her, I typed a response back.

Sure, I'm free on Monday after work. 8? 

His response came immediately.

Yeah that works, thanks Dani. 

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Friday, August 8, 2014


I hustled out of my building after reading Ashley's text, promising myself I would come in early to complete the work I had left unfinished. Knowing that the subway would take at least 20 minutes to get downtown, I hailed the first cab I saw reasoning with myself that it was worth the $10. 

"West 12th and Greenwich," I told the cabbie as he headed down 9th ave. I had spent almost a year belting out "53rd and 9th" and it was going to take some getting used to saying the new address which still felt foreign on my lips. 

As we headed towards my new home I debated texting Dylan to let him know I was on my way. Why was he even here? This was the second time he had shown up unannounced, but maybe he watched so many romcoms that he thought this is what women wanted. On the other hand, maybe he just wants to end things and felt badly doing it over the phone. My stomach was twisted in a million knots as the cab hit what felt like every single red light. Finally, I saw my street corner come into view. I quickly swiped my credit card, over tipping the cabbie and stepped out into the street. 

I let myself into the apartment and found Dylan sitting on the couch, still in his work clothes. His shirt was unbuttoned exposing his collarbone, and his skin was a deep tan from all the weekends spent at the beach. His brown hair had gotten longer than I remembered and was teasing the top of his shirt collar. As always, his piercing blue eyes framed by those long dark lashes were staring at me, and I ached to touch him. Looking around, Ashley was no where to be seen. 

"Hey," I greeted him, dropping my keys onto the narrow counter. "Where's Ashley?"

"She got a call and had to go," he said, and I knew she had just made up an excuse so that she wouldn't have to witness whatever awkward situation was about to unfold. 

I wanted to rush to him, to hug him and wrap myself around him, but I was too aware of the palpable tension between us. I was angry at him for not calling me for two days, for drunkenly being with Kara on Saturday and for asking me to be his girlfriend in the most inappropriate way possible. Everything that happened between us was constantly shrouded in confusion and I was growing tired of the games.

Before I could decide what to do, he covered the space between us and enveloped me in his arms. I felt tiny and safe in his enormous embrace and found myself wondering if it would be the last time, if he had come here to end things. When he pulled me away he didn't even try to kiss me. 

"Whats going on? Why are you here?" I blurted out, all efforts of trying to remain cool out the window. 

"I have a meeting tomorrow morning with a client in the city," he answered. 

"Oh," I replied, trying to ignore the selfish feeling I got realizing that he hadn't come all this way to see me.

"Well they asked us today if someone from my team would go, so I volunteered. I didn't know about the meeting until this morning," he said. 

"Gotcha," I replied, pushing past him and heading towards the fridge. If he was going to dump me, I was going to need wine. 

"Look I know I've been kind of MIA the last few days, but I just needed to think," he said. I didn't look up as I poured myself a hefty glass of wine. 

"Think about what?"

"This just feels like it's going really.. I don't know, fast," he said with a shrug. 

I wanted to throw something at him. 

"It is," I said back. "But you were the one pushing it so fast too you know."

"I know, and it's what I wanted at the time," he said. I felt my lunch turn over in my stomach at his use of the past tense. 

"Are you here to end things?" I asked, unable to take his vague remarks much longer. "Did you actually come all the way to New York and show up at my apartment unannounced just to tell me you were over this? Because I have a phone, that would have been less dramatic." 

"No Dani, I don't want to end things at all," he said confidently. 

"I'm confused then," I said, trying to tune out the hopeful voice in my head. 

He ran his hands through his hair and let out a deep breath. "I want to be with you, I want to introduce you to people as my girlfriend. But I'm worried because we don't even live in the same city and you already barely trust me. I don't know what Nick or someone else did to you to make you so defensive against men, but I feel like I'm constantly having to prove to you that I'm a good guy." 

I chewed on the inside of my cheek, unsure of how to reply. He made a good point, I definitely didn't trust him. But I wasn't the type of girl who wore her heart on her sleeve and trusted everyone right off the bat. It took time for that. 

"I just feel like there are so many reasons not to do this," he said after I didn't reply.

"Dylan, of course there are reasons not to do it, there will always be reasons not to do it. If you just think hesitantly and defensively, there will be so much working against us," I said, hoping it even made sense. I was having a hard time articulating how I felt, but all I knew was that I wasn't ready to give up on this just yet. "I think you need to decide what you want and just go for it. If that's walking away, then okay. But if that's being together, then I'm all in." I exhaled shakily, my uneven breaths portraying how terrified I was of what his response would be. Balling my fists up by my side I steeled myself for his answer.

"I want to be with you too," he said after what seemed like an eternity. I felt a massive weight lift off my shoulders. 

"Are you sure?" I asked. 

"I'm not sure about a lot of things, but of you I am," he replied, his cocky half smile playing at the corner of his mouth. 

I walked over towards him and he wrapped his arms around me once more. The stress of the last two days without him finally beginning to fade into a distant memory. 

"So we're doing this?" I asked with a smile, tilting my head up towards him.

"Sure seems that way," he said, leaning down towards me. He twisted his hand in my hair, pulling my head back and tilting my face towards his. There was no pause, no slow approach as his mouth found mine eagerly. We stayed that way for awhile before pulling apart. 

"So want to see my new place?" I offered, a terribly transparent attempt at getting him into my bedroom.

"Ashley already gave me the grand tour," he said, his hands trailing down my sides to my hips. 

"Are you hungry?" I offered, as his mouth found my neck. 

"Yes, but probably not in the way you're offering," he said, his voice muffled against my skin. He slid his hands up inside my dress and around the waist of my thong. Pushing it aside, his fingers were inside of me in an instant. His free arm lifted me up around the waist and placed me on the arm of the couch. 

"Spread your legs," he said and I did as I was told. He was kissing me again, and I could feel his smile against my mouth as I moaned. 

I could get used to this.

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