Thursday, October 15, 2015

An Ordinary Wednesday

It started off as an ordinary Wednesday. 

Work had been hectic, but I'd be fortunate enough to escape by 7:00. The crazy, stressful days were always my least favorite as they were happening. At Platform, I was used to turning to my peers to hash out problem solving when it was needed. But at Arabella if there was a problem, I was finding more and more that people would turn to me for the solution. I never wanted to run to my boss for help so I was constantly finding myself pulling my own hair out over a solution. Alas, once it was resolved I always found myself feeling giddy and proud, a fulfilling day. That is the biggest difference between Arabella and Platform - the sense of fulfillment and challenge I felt each day. I loved it.

Yet even though I loved it, it didn't stop me from grabbing a bottle of wine on the way home. 

As I unlocked the door to my apartment, I was overjoyed to find Ash in the kitchen stirring something that smelled heavenly. 

"Hey!" I greeted her, dropping my gym bag from the morning on the floor of the living room.

"Hello hello!" she replied, reaching for a spice and adding it to the pot.

"What are you making?"

"Stuffed Pepper Soup," she replied, adding a hefty amount of hot sauce.

"Yum," I said, peering into the reddish-brown, bubbling soup. 

"I have rice on too to put it over, it's kind of thick. But I made enough for an army so I hope you're hungry!"

"Always," I replied, placing the wine on the counter. "I brought the beverage."

She rolled her eyes. "We have like, ten bottles over there," she laughed, tilting her head toward our full wine rack.

"Yes," I said, reaching for the wine opener and getting to work. "But this is my favorite." 

"Is there a celebration?" she asked, raising her eyebrows skeptically at me.

"No," I replied, keeping my eyes fixated on the wine.

"What did you do," Ash asked, knowing me all too well.

"Nothing!" I defended.

"Oh my god did you... that married guy?! DANIELLE."

"No! Jesus!" I nearly yelled. "First off, I'm no home wrecker. Secondly, I met his wife remember? I won't go there. Thirdly, you'd have known the second it happened." 

"Then what?"

"Why do you assume it's something with men? Maybe I got a promotion?"

"That would be a promotion world record."

"Rude," I said, although I was smiling. "No, I just had a long day."


I let out a deep breath. She knew me too well. "Okay. And... Dylan is coming to town this weekend."

She dropped the wooden spoon she'd been holding dramatically to the counter.

"Excuse me?"

I didn't answer.

"Dani!" she followed up.

"I didn't invite him! He's coming for work. But after that Philly weekend I don't know... I'm kind of excited."

She let this sit for a while. She had never made a firm standpoint on Dylan, but I doubted she wanted me to actually get back together with him. "Okay," she said, after a solid 30 seconds.

"Okay, what?" 

"Okay... I mean, okay. You didn't invite him, but obviously you want to see him which is normal."

"Yes," I said.  

"But, maybe it's not the best timing," she said quietly, not meeting my eye.

"...Why?" I asked, drawing out my response.

"Well, you see, someone - a mutual friend of ours - let me know they were going to be in town this weekend," her eyes remained fixated on the soup.

"Who?" I knew the answer, there is no other reason she'd act this weird. My stomach began its slow decent to my feet.

"Nick," she said. "He's home for a few days starting tomorrow."

"Why are you just telling me now?" I demanded, feeling my nervousness be replaced by a slow anger at my best friend.

"I just found out last night! And I didn't want to just text you." 

"Why didn't he tell me?" I said, raising my voice again. "I've texted him and he's ignored me!"

"I don't know!" she said. "I'm sorry, look, I know he wants you to know. Maybe he just felt weird since you two haven't talked in a while." 

I was fuming. I knew I was actually mad at Nick but Ashley was the one standing in front of me, much easier to take my anger out on. "Well you can see Nick, I already made plans with Dylan."

I stood up, taking my glass of wine and sitting down defiantly at the couch. I turned on a Modern Family marathon and tried my hardest to ignore Ash.

"Do you not want dinner then?" She asked me a few minutes later, an amused tone hovering behind her voice. 

"Nope," I said, taking a long sip of the wine. "I'm satisfied with my grapes."

I heard her sit down at the kitchen island to eat dinner, and turned my attention to my phone. 

Can't wait to see you I texted to Dylan. The mixture of Nick's impending presence and wine making me bold.

Me neither - it'll be like old times. 


  1. Ahhhhh!!! I can't wait to see what happens! Especially on the nick front...they HAVE to see each other. I need to know why he was ignoring her! Haha

  2. Yesssss! Cannot wait for next Wednesday! It's gonna be a bloodbath! (Maybe/hopefully)

    1. P.s. Thank you for taking the high road and coming back and if you wanted to post a bonus, I mean...I won't be mad.

    2. Lol, I was thinking the same thing! I don't think I can wait till next week! *bites nails*

  3. Are you serious???!!!! Aaaaaaaaah!
    Nick couldn't even respond to her texts ever! Why would Ash think she should have anything to do with him? Dylan isn't a saint either, but nick is way shadier.

  4. Can't wait!! Team Dylan!!!

  5. God, so OVER Nick. He is such a manipulator and his usual sucky timing is in full force...again. He has already ditched Dani not once, but twice. What's more he didn't answer her texts and he didn't even have the cojones to tell Dani he was coming to visit, but just let Ash do his dirty work. Dylan and Dani could be so good together-- last time Dani couldn't commit, in large part, due to Nick. Mayeb Dani will just let Nick go and give Dylan her all this time. Team Dylan, all the way!!

  6. Great post. Thanks

  7. I feel like Dani is using Dylan as a distraction which isn't fair to him. And Nick is just ugh.

  8. I kinda want to know what happened in the most recent post when Dani was at happy hour and was going to meet 'the wife'. I know there has been an absence/shift in the blog since that post (glad you are still writing and didn't let all the hateful comments convince you to stop writing because this has always been a great blog) but what happened? And how did the Dylan visit come to be? :)

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  10. Scared to ask if we are getting a new post soon, for fear we will get another reprimand... hahah

  11. Another two weeks with no post. You suck.

    1. She might be going with the solution to post when she can, no promises.

  12. I think you should disable the comments section.

  13. I think it's safe to say this blog is done and by the lack of comments and backlash your readers are too. Or maybe you scared them all away last time.

  14. For everyone's sake, calm down. The author will post if and when she does. Be thankful. If you don't like it and complain, start your own blog, and stop bashing people through the comfort of your computer and anonymous screen name. To be honest, it's not a bad idea to disable the comments, because readers have become ungrateful for new posts to occur in a timely manner. It's not fair to those who wait patiently or the author who has their own personal and professional life on top of this. End rant. Haters say all you want to this...

    1. or at least disable anon comments? i dunno, people are meaner when they can hide behind that. but the level of entitlement that some of the readers have is ridiculous.

  15. Super disappointed with this blog/author. Almost a month, and still no update or word, not even one sentence. It almost feels like she is being vindictive. Just really disappointed.

  16. Why did you disappear again? Could you please let us know something? A crumb?

    1. You know when we ask for updates the blogger tells us how dependent we are on her and expect too much from her. And just asking is disrespecting her? Posters have been so kind and patient with this blogger. shes gone out of her way to call anyone who asks a questions, answers her questions or disagree with her haters. I wouldn't hold my breath.

  17. Hmmm it's been quite long..

    Soul xo

  18. I believe this blog has ended. Good while it lasted though.

  19. Well, I really enjoyed this blog and have even gone so far as to reread from the beginning in hopes that by the time I caught up again she would have a new post up. Unfortunately, that is not the case. As some commenters have pointed out, the author reprimands us for any criticism and calls us dependent when asking for a schedule update. You would think the author would be happy that she has a loyal fan base that genuinely wants to read new posts. After her last post that was super ungrateful, and the lack of posting since then, I have decided to be done with this blog. I don't even really check back that often, but her attitude pissed me off enough to send me packing. So,
    Good luck to you. I doubt you'll go far in life since you can't seem to follow thru with even the smallest of promises.


  20. I actually loved this blog and looked forward to reading new posts each week. The author was pretty talented and had a vivid imagination that took us along for a ride. Thank you, it was great while it lasted and I hope you continuing to do great things!!!

  21. This use to seriously be 1 of my favorite blogs. I loved the story. Really hope you come back and at least finish it up? You are missed!!! Can I get a WE ARE!! ;)

  22. So I reread the blog in hopes that when I got to the end, there would be newer posts. No such luck :(. But while reading the blog again, my hopes are high on good things with Dylan! I wish I could read what happens with them! I agree that maybe the comments should be turned off. Too many people complaining about the blog not being consistent. There are plenty of other blogs out there people can read while they wait. It's that simple! Anyway, I really enjoy reading your blog and I hope that in the near future you will start it up again!! XOXO

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  24. if you guys are into blogs about the balance of working out, dating and going out you should check out my sister's blog! Based on real life experiences. Enjoy :)

  25. I miss this blog.... :(

  26. I re-read your blog this weekend because I love the story line, writing and miss it so much. We understand if life is to busy to continue, hey I coudln't keep something like this up however, if you could write one post wrapping up the story it would be greatly appreciated. You would be doing me a huge favour (because I know you love doing complete strangers favours haha) as I keep thinking up all these conclusions in my head, and I'm slowly driving my self crazy!

    Also, one question. Did you watch One Tree Hill back in the day? While I was re-reading I noticed that Bray's last name is Davis. 'Great name'. B Davis :)

  27. (because I know you love doing complete strangers favours haha) - I meant this is a haha funny (not trying to be rude at all)!

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